Latest Updates :

Welcome to Presidency International School ! Admission Open For Academic Year 2024-25

Latest Updates :

Welcome to Presidency International School ! Admission Open For Academic Year 2024-25

Secretary’s Message

Discover your might and start exploring right now

Enter Here to Be and Find a Friend. These words, which are carved over the school’s entrance, welcome and remind us of our commitment to one another.

We are actively committed to diversity. We expect and promote moral responsibility, and strive to develop strength of character within a respectful school community.

Our goal is to foster a lifelong passion for learning, understanding, and service in an ever-changing world.

We invite you to learn more about our school and to visit us. We are confident that you will leave with an appreciation for our values, our program, and our people.

We are a independent day school dedicated to inspiring excellence with a purpose.









Diversity, and how we think about it, plays an important role in the lives of students and adults throughout the School. Lower School teachers discuss and devise effective approaches to issues of identity in the classroom. 

Current enrollment: 747
Lower School (272), Middle School (233), Upper School (242)
Students of color: 53%
Student/faculty ratio: 6:1

Grants and tuition aid: $6.7 million awarded to approximately 20% of our students
Annual Fund: $3.8 million (July 1, 2018–June 30, 2019)
Endowment: $141,124,021 (as of May 31, 2019)

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Secretary's Message

Hon. HarshawardhanjiKhade is the perfect example of an individual who lives his dreams and works hard to achieve them. He is a young and self-motivated entrepreneur based in Mumbai, known as the city of dreams. Despite his success, he has not forgotten his hometown, where our JBVP organization is located. He is committed to giving back to his birthplace and has ambitious plans for the JBVP Organization.

Hon. Harshawardhan Sir aims to establish an educational hub with world-class facilities for local as well as international students. With his support and motivation, this goal seems achievable. He is also a strong advocate for innovation in education and welcomes new ideas in the field. His expertise lies in Economics and Business Administration, and he believes that both fields are closely linked with leadership.

Sir is the leader of all the ‘JBVPIENS’ and the backbone of the association. He is a guiding light for the ‘JBVPIENS’, leading by example and aspiring to instill leadership qualities in every student of the organization. He is considered essential to the JBVP family, without whom the family would not be complete!

Hon’ble HarshawardhanKhade
CEO, JBVP Innovation & Secretary,
Jay BhavanigadVikasPratishthan.

Admission Open
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