Latest Updates :

Welcome to Presidency International School ! Admission Open For Academic Year 2024-25

Latest Updates :

Welcome to Presidency International School ! Admission Open For Academic Year 2024-25

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Hon. Shrimant Popat Dhole

President Message

Hon. Shrimant Popat Dhole (Sir) is dedicated to furthering his work in the field of education and hopes to expand the JBVP.. 

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Hon. Pradeep Gurav

Chief Advisor and Executive Director

PradeepjiGurav strongly believes that students are the focal point of the entire education process and are the future ..

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Hon. Chitralekha Shrimant Dhole

Voice President

Hon. Chitralekha Ma’am born and brought up with contemporary lifestyle with all indispensable facilities one could get ..

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Hon. Harshawardhan Khade

Secretary Message

Hon. Harshawardhan Sir aims to establish an educational hub with world-class facilities for local as well as international students.

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Hon. Ganesh D. Pawar

Public Representative Message

The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and families remain our top priority. As such, we have implemented ..

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Hon. Rajendra H. Sargar

Principal Message

Schooling is the first contact with the world for everyone. It should be a time of joy and happiness..

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Every child is unique, and therefore, everyone must receive education according to their abilities.

Presidency International School : A Trip Through Superiority

Our students will be educated not only within the four walls of the classroom but also through experiences in their daily lives. We aim to see confident faces and positive changes in the lives of our students.

Our teachers and administration are committed to motivating the students with all of our creativity and potential.

“केवळपुस्तकेवाचूनढिगभरज्ञानसाठविणेम्हणजेविद्यानव्हे, तेज्ञानजीवनातउतरविणेम्हणजेविद्याहोय”

– डॉ.  सर्वपल्ली  राधाकृष्णन

Upcoming EducatIon News

Discover our Top School Certified Created News

Presidency International School Rocks in Yoga Competition

Pune : In a first, the PIS team emerged as the overall 7 Gold medals in under 12 category…

PIS Students Giving 100 Percent in Art Competition

Rangotsav Celebration National Level Art Competition* was conducted in September 2023. 227 students were participated in this competition from Presidency…

Achievement in Elocution Competition

"Talent is everywhere, but it only needs the opportunity" Our students of presidency International School, lakhewadi wait for…

Fun Facts About Presidency International School
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Classroom Technology, E-Learning

Classroom Technology, E-Learning

Library Books

Library Books

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Latest Blogs

Empowering Minds: Cultivating Creativity and Critical Thinking at Presidency International School

At Presidency International School, we believe that creativity and critical thinking are essential skills for…

Exploring Global Perspectives: The International Curriculum at Presidency International School

At Presidency International School, we believe in preparing students to thrive in an increasingly interconnected…

Our Qualities

Why Presidency International School is best Solution for Education

Presidency International School offers personalized learning, a global curriculum, and experiential education, fostering creativity and critical thinking. It prepares students as empowered global citizens, ensuring holistic growth and academic excellence.








Explore the students experience

“My school always offers something new; new concepts are introduced and taught very systematically. When I compare my school with others, I feel proud to be a part of PIS. The teachers are very friendly and work hard for us students.”
Tanishka Jadhav Deshmukh
Class VII
“As a student, I am very satisfied because I always have ample opportunities to explore and progress in all aspects. The school has successfully struck an appropriate balance between academic and co-curricular activities..”
Arya Shirke
Class VII
“My school excels in all areas, providing a great deal of exposure to children, particularly through a well-planned and organized academic program. The teachers put in good efforts, and I am very grateful to all of them."
Atharv Girme
Class VII

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